10 most popular recipes viewed in isolation

While in isolation, we’ve received thousands of hits to our “recipes” page! We’re loving that everyone is getting hot and healthy in the kitchen –  that’s why we are sharing our top 10 viewed recipes so you too can get cooking.
Enjoy these easy, healthy, filling meals ladies!


1.MKR’s Dan & Steph’s naked burger

This recipe comes straight from Dan & Steph of My Kitchen Rules who have made a classic so simple, healthy and tasty!


Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/dan-stephs-naked-burger/


2. Lady Shake Mousse

This delicious dessert is so easy with only 3 ingredients!


Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/chocolate-lady-mousse/


3. Chocolate and coconut Lady Balls

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 11.58.12 am.png

Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/chocolate-coconut-lady-balls/

4. turkey meatballs with spinach

Perfect for a busy weeknight or a lazy sunday, this is one for the whole family!


Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/turkey-meatballs-with-spinach/


5.  Avo-licious Smoothie

Shake things up with this healthy-fats-filled addition to your Lady Shake!

Not only does it add a creamy texture to your Lady Shake, but this super-mix will leave you full of energy and ready to shine.


Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/avo-licious-lady-shake/


6. one minute Lady Shake mug cake

How easy is this? A fluffy, gooey, pudding-like mug cake ready to eat in just one minute!

Perfect for dessert or an afternoon snack, this delicious high protein snack is low in sugar and carbs.



Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/1-minute-lady-shake-mug-cake/

7. Guilt-Free meat pie

This guilt-free meat pie is a tasty dinner option and is great for a weekend treat meal!


Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/guilt-free-meat-pie/


8. Pizziola with MKR’s Dan & Steph

Love pizza but worried about the carbs that come with it? All good, try our Pizziola which is super high in protein minus the carbs!


Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/pizziola/

9. Protein packed brownies

Want a sweet treat without all the guilt? These brownies will hit the spot!


Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/protein-packed-brownies/

10. Lean sausage rolls

When you are trying to lose weight it would be a fair assumption that sausage rolls would immediately be off the menu. Well we’re is bringing them back with his lean mean sausage roll recipe!


Recipe: http://spooky-eggs.flywheelsites.com/lean-sausage-rolls/