Hi I’m Nicole! I have just recently turned 50 and have lived in Melbourne all my life. I have currently lost 11kg using Lady Shake but still, have another 9kg to go to reach my goal weight.
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I have always been a fairly healthy and active person but after having my 3 boys I put on a fair bit of weight, lost it and put it back on again. I have always had a love of baking and cooking and I know this hasn’t helped. Also moving from active cleaning work to a desk job has not helped either. I decided late last year when slowly my wardrobe was all getting tight and too small that I was not going to be “fat and fifty”.
I had heard about Lady Shake before but never really thought about giving them a go until my partner decided to try the Man Shakes and I thought why not do them together? I did do a bit of research into all the different shakes out there but these seemed to be the best health-wise so I stuck with them.
Last time I lost weight I used a different brand of shakes which worked for a while but this time I wanted more! I knew I was going to need a bit of moral support and have found that through the Lady Shake Facebook page.
My greatest roadblock has been suffering from plantar fasciitis. I loved getting out for a walk but through the worst of it I could hardly make it around the block and if I did could hardly walk after this. I tried massage, podiatrists all sorts of things. I had found when at a gym a few months earlier that I couldn’t even use a treadmill but could use an elliptical trainer.
When I started to see results I came back to my love of cooking but looking for healthier options and alternatives which I’ve been enjoying so much. I used to dread exercise but after seeing the changes wanted to make even more! My partner bought me an elliptical trainer for my 50th Birthday and now look forward to coming home from work and putting my headphones in and going for it! My fitness and energy levels are increasing each week and I love this feeling. Instead of struggling up the stairs at work, I can now run up them!
If someone was thinking about starting then I’d say go for it! I not only feel so much better about myself but feel so much healthier. The ladies on the Lady Shake facebook group ‘the Lady Club’ have been a huge support group especially¬† Mellissa Hiscocks – O’Connell. My shakes and exercise have now become a new way of life for me and I’m loving life right now!