I am 49 turning 50 in September. I have lost 15kgs on the lady shakes.

Over 10 years ago I successfully lost weight using a dietician and I was pretty proud of the results. However, the weight crept back on slowly and eventually I was back to where I started plus a few more kilos. I was eating a healthy diet, but I was eating too much, my portion sizes were getting bigger and I was generally eating way too much food and snacking too often.

In October 2019 my husband decided he wanted to lose some weight and said he was going to give The Man Shakes a go and instantly I said I’m in too……so our Shake journey started mid-October 2019 when our shakes arrived at our front door, we started the very same day.

We heard about the Man Shakes on the radio and did a quick google and found the Lady Shake and we liked what we saw. We were pretty comfortable with the recipe of the shakes as we felt confident that Adam Macdougall had done the research and wouldn’t put his name to a product, he didn’t believe in.

Well what diet haven’t I tried, I successfully did weight watchers in the late 90’s, I say successfully as I achieved the weight loss, but did not master the maintenance! As I mentioned above, I consulted a dietician who again helped me lose the weight, but it crept back on.

My lifestyle has been constantly evolving since I started The Lady Shakes. Walking my dog every day became a priority, no excuses. Being organised with shopping and food preparation became important to keep me on track. Cutting up fruit became normal, having yoghurt on hand was a must and carrying little bags of nuts or a Lady Bar in my bag became normal. I made sure I was always prepared to prevent “getting hungry” or as said on the Lady shake Facebook page “hangry”

Working out portion sizes at the beginning really helped, my hubby and I weighed and measured our food in the beginning and worked out our portion sizes especially with our snacks. This also took the thinking time out of eating knowing exactly what potion was okay to eat.

I also did batch cooking and froze food in portion sizes for nights when I wasn’t prepared for dinner or didn’t feel like preparing food from scratch. No more excuses for takeaways!

I also worked out what Lady Shake flavours I liked and had 2 flavours on the go to keep it interesting, my favourite flavour is the new mango flavour and vanilla is my standard. I’m on one shake a day at the moment, I have it for breakfast with a coffee. New routines are well established now and I have found maintenance is working really well for me.

I have loads of energy, which I had from the beginning, but it’s better and better as I’ve lost more weight. I’m back in the gym a few times a week along with daily walking.

Since losing the weight, I feel like I have more energy and a lighter view on life.

I feel more positive and I’m enjoying every day. I get more done in a day!

I have been in maintenance since October 2020, so I’m pleased my weight has stayed the same for 6 months and if I have an increase or decrease in weight, I tend not to be too concerned cause I feel like I have established so many fabulous habits along the way and I have overhauled my lifestyle and have the power to make good choices.

When I first started, I was hungry and I’m not good at feeling hungry, but as the weeks passed, I became less hungry. I know on days when I feel a little hungry that protein is my friend or I have more nuts or add them to my yogurt or an extra piece of fruit.

In the beginning, I thought I would lose a kilo a week and be done and dusted in 10 to 12 weeks, but as I moved through the weeks and realised that that wasn’t going to happen, I made peace with it and celebrated every loss as they all add up!

I also had to work on my “inner mean girl” she has been with me since adolescence. I had to tell her to shut up occasionally as I was so determined to lose weight and not listen to the negative self-talk, she’s still there but I don’t let her get away with her negative chatter, I turn her chatter into positive chatter.

So, ladies if you are reading this it took me 12 months to shed 15kgs, slow and steady and celebrating the wins along the way. From the beginning, it was a lifestyle change and not a quick fix and I have no intentions of putting it back on this time.

If you are thinking about starting the shakes today….JUST DO IT!! Honestly, if they worked for me, they will work for you!

Be kind to yourself and celebrate the wins no matter how big or small!