There is no quick fix or easy way to lose weight but by smart choices that improve habits and wellbeing, weightloss can occur everyday without having to do strenuous amounts of exercise.

To help you achieve your goals and improve your overall health here are 3 hurdles to face that will guarantee weight loss.


1)    Ditch the calorie-laden drinks!


First and foremost, it is far easier to drink calories than it is to eat them. Cutting out calorie-laden beverages is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.


If you, like many, are opting for drinks such as juice, soft drink or coffee over water you are drastically increasing your calorie intake throughout the day. Did you know that swapping out just 1 large cappuccino per day for a glass of water equates to a weekly calorie saving of nearly 1400 calories? By increasing your water you will, by default, start to decrease your consumption of other calorie-laden drinks.


If you are struggling with swapping directly to water, try sparkling water with a small amount of sliced fruit for that extra twist!




2)    Quit Snacking at your desk


Studies show the proximity and visibility of food causes a consumption increase of nearly 50%! Which means the office nut or cookie jar could be considerably increasing your food intake.


Instead of taking full bags or containers of snacks to work, prepare your lunch and portioned snacks each day to get out of the habit of grazing.  Even if the contents are deemed healthy (i.e nuts), it is very easy to eat a whole bag (1000 calories plus) in a day without thinking twice!





3)    Cutting down on portion size will guarantee weight loss


One of the most common causes of a plateau or weight gain, is portioning mistakes. By planning ahead, setting meal times, knowing your snack portions and only cooking what you need will help prevent overconsumption.


Meal planning based on your portion sizes can help prevent mindless grazing. Another tip is to use a smaller plate. People tend to consume larger portions from big plates, which may lead to overeating. And remember, just because a food is healthy, doesn’t mean the calories won’t add up!