4 Reasons Your Job Is Making You Gain Weight

It is easy to get caught up in the working environment and pick up other peoples habbits especially whne it comes to eating! Here are 4 ways your job could be contributing to your expanding waistline and how to avoid it –

1. There’s junk food in the office – this is a big problem in the work force considering a lot of offices are filled with yummy pastries, donuts or foods to don’t do your belly justice and it’s very easy to give in to temptation when other people around you are. Our tip is to make sure you pack yourself a healthy snack incase you get hungry around 3pm, by not bringing a snack in order to avoid over eating can be actually doing you more harm as this is when you will say yes to that brownie Sheryl from accounts made.


2. Your office air con is too cold – Studies have shown that your bodies respond to cold climates by eating warmer fattier foods… So the colder the air con is the more you will gravitate to eating junk food. Always keep your jacket on stand by and ensure you keep warm to avoid over eating in the office.


3. You’re a stress eater – Being stressed is a common trate to carry in work place, however what we don’t want to carry is the craving of junk food that comes with it. I know its hard to say ‘de-stress’ but our tip is to at least try and allow yourself some de-stressing breaks even if that means taking a  step outside every hour  or so to allow yourself to re group and recover.


4. You eat lunch with your team

Did you know that most people et 30% more food if they eat lunch with another person. This is because we often tend to mimic what our co-worker or friend is ordering even if we know it’s not healthy. We then tend to linger around the lunch table for longer making it easier to pick at the plate or order dessert even when we are not hungry. Also when we are talking while we eating we become mindless of how much we are consuming. We don’t want you to be a loner at the lunch table, but ensure that you are still ordering something healthy regardless of what your co-worker is eating and be mindful of how big your portion is.


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