4 Things You Should Be Doing In The Morning

Lets be real, it can often be tough to find the motivation we need in the mornings to get kick started for the day. It could be because we had a bad night’s sleep the night before or simply because we just can’t get going for the day.

However try and think of the flip side. The best part of mornings is that they’re so full of potential! No matter what happened the day before, whether you overindulged on a co-worker’s birthday cake or went to bed with a belly full of carbs, it’s a fresh chance to get closer to your health goals. To keep that get-fit momentum going all day long, start your day off right with these morning habits that will motivate you even more.


1. Go outside and get some sun! With summer approaching this will be easier to do and maintain every day. The natural morning light will help regulate your inner body clock which helps your sleeping schedule the night before and that big walk in the sunshine will help you start the day with a positive clear mind.

2. Snack it up.  As we all work in different environments, it is always easier to gravitate towards a chocolate bar in the afternoon when we are having that sweet tooth craving. To prevent this, it is important to pre pack your snacks of a morning that will take you through till 5pm. Cutting up some carrot sticks, throwing a bag of almonds in your lunch bag, some fruit or our even pre making your Lady Shake to have will take less than 5 minutes of a morning to do and will benefit you throughout the day.

3. Be Mindful Doing this when you first wake up and controlling your mind, as mindfulness is a key player in your weight loss journey, will help your mood and daily outlook on life. Take a few minutes in the morning before you start anything to focus on your breathing and get your mind ready for the day ahead of you. Positive vibes lead to a positive lifestyle.

4. Be more active but only to what suits! As there are so many ways to be active of a morning, trying something different than your usual drive to work will help with your waistline and weight loss journey. Park a few blocks away and walk that extra kilometre rather than parking right out the front or take the lift instead of the stairs. Every small step counts.



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