4 Weight Loss Tips for Women on the GO GO GO

Struggling with a busy schedule and letting your health and weight loss suffer? We’ve got 4 easy tips to help aid your on the go schedule and still leave you feeling healthy and in shape! 

  1. Pre-prepare your meals. It might seem like a chore, but having your meals prepared will be key to your success. Spend some time on a Sunday afternoon preparing and freezing meals for the week, therefore when you are coming home from work late you can grab a meal out of the freezer. The biggest downfall in most diets is not being prepared, that’s when most women come undone so having some  ready to go meals in the fridge is essential
  2. Always keep a set of your joggers and activewear in the car ready to go. Although you might be thinking “I can’t be bothered” after a long day at work, what better way to clear your mind then go for a walk after work before going home to your kids or even better go for a walk in your lunch break, especially if you sit down all day.
  3. Don’t rely on caffeine to keep you on the go for the whole day. That’s not to say you can’t have your morning coffee (because believe us when we say you need it) but don’t rely solely on caffeine and sugary treats throughout the day. Both of these can wear off and leave you even more tired. Opt for nutritional snacks and pick me ups instead- have a piece of fruit or a handful of in your bag each to grab when you are pressed for time.
  4. Grab a Lady Shake. Seriously the easiest, most convenient way to get all your nutrients and shed the kilos while you’re at it, and whats best, it takes less than 2 minutes to prepare. Even the busiest CEO’s have time for that.

Planning goes a long way and can make life a lot easier, even though you might not think so but setting aside sometime on the weekend or when you are free to sit down, plan meals, plan your weekly activities and life out etc will help your health in the long run.


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