5 Apps To Keep You On Track


Studies have shown that being aware of your habits and progress can stimulate weight loss and provide one with motivation.

However, attempting to keep track of what you eat and drink, as well as your exercise routine can sometimes be daunting and seem too complicated.

Luckily there are many apps out that that help with counting calories, logging meals, or recording workouts. With that said, here are five of the best apps to keep you on track.


My Fitness Pal

With a database of over one million foods, My Fitness Pal is one of the best calorie counting apps.

With an easy-to-use format, My Fitness Pal allows users to enter in their food intake, before providing them with a breakdown of their daily calories and nutrients they consumed throughout the day.

The app also provides you with healthier alternatives and access to their supportive community.


Drinking lots of water is vital for weight loss. Whether you love it packed with ice cubes or with a touch of lemon, water consumption helps with digestion and also fills us up.

Waterlogged lets you dial in your water intake every time you have a glass. The app also sends you reminders to drink more, and lets you know when you’ve reached your goal.

Users have said Waterlogged increased their water intake which provided them with more energy each day and aided with their weight loss.


Done allows you to form healthy routines by tracking goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Tracking each of your habits through the use of ”˜streaks’, Done is a brilliant motivating tool.

For example, if you go for a 1K walk every day, the streak will continue to grow on the app, powering you to not break the chain.

Done is a great app that will remind you of your wins and motivate you to keep on track.


Fooducate does exactly what it sounds like – educates you on the food you are eating.

After scanning a food’s UPC label in the app, you receive nutritional information on the food and an explanation of why or why not it is healthy for you.

Fooducate also informs you if there are any unhealthy ingredients hidden in the food whilst providing you with healthy options.


After a long day at work, what to have for dinner is usually the last thing we want to think about.

This is where the Yummly app steps in. After entering any dietary requirements, your cooking abilities and your favourite type of meals, Yummly generates a custom made list of recipes and shopping lists for you.

You can also store recipes you find online in the app, making Yummly your virtual recipe book.