The term “love handles” is a bit of a contradiction. No one loves the fat that hangs around the sections on the sides and front of your belly.. In fact, Love handles are an area zoned “stubborn fat”. Here, we’ve listed 5 Fast Tricks To Lose The Love Handles. There’s no get-ripped quick gimmick— just some of the tried-and-test systems that will help keep you in shape.

  1. Ditch the condiments

While it might be tempting to smother your steak or chicken in BBQ sauce, don’t! Adding sauce to your meals can mean adding up to an additional sugar to your otherwise healthy meal. So ditch the condiments and add some vinegar or lemon juice instead. By adding lemon juice or vinegar it actually slows the rate of digestion, meaning you will feel fuller for longer and avoid the insulin spike from the sauce that makes you feel like snacking after your meal.

  1. Start your day right

According to the Northumbria University study, exercising in a fasted state burns 20% more fat. Set your alarm that touch earlier and complete your workout before the day starts. This isn’t to say you need to slog it out in the gym for an hour, 10 minutes of high intensity each morning is all it takes.

  1. Switch Off

It can be very tempting, especially if home alone to have the background noise of the T.V when you’re eating dinner. However with the television on people consume more food as your stomach stops sending ‘stop eating’ messages to your brain. University of Massachusetts found that eating while watching television can cause you to intake 300 calories more than usual.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

You’ve heard it before but it’s true, not only is breakfast important to fire up your metabolism and get started for the day, but new studies reveal that people that don’t each breakfast are on average 5cm bigger around the waistline than people that do. The Lady Shake is the perfect brekkie option weighing in at 28grams protein per serve and only 2.4 grams of sugar.

  1. Quit your drinking habit

Ditch that glass of juice with your morning brekkie or that can of coke with dinner and you should notice a visible difference in your waistline. A glass of orange juice can contain up to 6 teaspoons of sugar, in fact, several studies show that fruit juice is linked to an increased risk of obesity and type two diabetes. Ditch the sugar-filled drinks and grab water instead.