5 Foods that are making you fat and you eat them everyday!

We understand how hard it is to lose weight, even more so when you find out you are eating foods you thought were good for you but are really not.

 1. Orange Juice

Yep, that trusty morning drink could be stopping you from losing those extra kilos. Orange juice is stripped of all it’s fibre while being processed, which only leaves the sugars and having that first thing in the morning is trouble.

Our Tip – Swap your morning OJ with a big glass of water or liquid breakfast like The Lady Shake 

2. Museli Bars

Believe it or not, muesli bars can be a combo of sugar & fat. That is the number 1 thing you don’t want at the same time. We don’t want to be eating fat & sugar together because your body can’t break down sugar while it’s trying to break down fat. If you need snacks like muesli bars on the run and make sure you read the labels for the sugar content.

Our tip – swap the museli bar for a Lady Bar or high protein / low sugar bar to help you beat those cravings.

3. Yogurt

All yogurts are not created equal. There are a lot of so-called healthy yogurts or fat-free yogurts on the market but are packed full of sugar. So again pay attention to the labels on the back and not on the front.

Our Tip – Get an unflavoured or natural Greek yogurt and add some berries or fresh fruit as a snack.

4. Salad Dressing

Let’s be honest salads are not rocket science when it comes to eating healthy. But it’s the dressing that we all love but its also packed full of sugar. Try to stay away from the creamy dressings or reduce the amount you are using.

Our tip – The go-to dressing for weight loss is vinegar. Balsamic is a good option or natural oils and herbs to add in flavour.

5. Sushi

Everyone seems to think that sushi is good for you. How often are you checking the ingredients in sushi? More often than not sugar is present in the binding agent to help the roll stick together. Combine that with the highly processed white rice full of carbohydrates and we are back to the combination of fat & sugar.

Our Tip – We love sushi but you have to treat it as a “sometimes” food and having a roll everyday


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