5 Signs you’re eating too little for weight loss!

5 Signs you’re eating too little for weight loss!

You would think that the less you eat, the more likely you will lose weight and be as healthy as you possibly can. Well, not exactly.

Everyone has a certain amount of calories we need to eat to survive and eating less than what our body needs can have huge negative impacts.

So to be sure you’re not heading down the track of starvation, here are 5 signs that you are not eating enough.

You’re Struggling To Sleep

A common result of a lack of food is the inability to fall asleep, even when you are tired.

Our diet has an extensive effect on our sleep, and when we are depriving ourselves of food we are also depriving ourselves of sleep. Once we maintain our diet to a level that provides our body with enough energy, our sleeping patterns will return to normal.

You’re Angry All The Time

We’re all aware of the term ‘hangry’ – when you are angry due to your hunger. It may seem like a joke, but it is truly a thing that we all experience!

When you go long periods without eating your ability to concentrate and patience for others decreases, and you become angry and easily frustrated. To ensure you are never hangry, give your body the energy it needs in the form of food.

Food Is Always On Your Mind

If we are constantly hungry, we are going to be constantly thinking about food. Our next meal or snack will always be on our mind if we didn’t fill up enough the last time we ate.

When food crosses your mind the best thing to do is, eat! If it’s not time for a meal, have a small yet filling snack such as nuts, a banana or our Lady Bars.

Your Weight Isn’t Decreasing

When the scales won’t move in the way you want them to, eating less should not be your answer.

Actually, it should be the opposite. If you add an extra, nutritional snack to your diet you will fuel your body, providing it with energy to kickstart your metabolism. Soon after this, you should see the scales tip in your favour.

You Are Blocked Up

As a lot of you know, a change in diet towards foods high in protein can bring about constipation. But did you know that when you eat less calories than you need the same thing can happen.

When you are under-nourished, food moves through your body slower, causing constipation!