Do you reach for the chocolate bar when you are craving something unhealthy? Or are you simply finding it hard to chose the healthier option when it comes to eating right?

Here are 5 tips that will help you swap unhealthy foods for healthy foods and still be satisfied! 🙂

1. Choosing what to have for breakfast can often make us disregard foods that are higher in sugar because they taste better. Swapping full-fat yoghurt for low-fat Greek-style yoghurt and adding fruit instead of breakfast cereals will reduce your sugar intake of a morning. Or having our lady shake as it is low in sugar is also another way to prevent this. 🙂

2. For lunch swapping something like a chicken and cheese toasty to a tuna salad with brown rice or a tuna salad on wholemeal bread (if you’re after a bit more substance) are great healthy lunch alternatives and will keep you feeling satisfied.

3. As dinner rolls around every night, it can be easy to fall into bad habits if we either can’t be bothered cooking, or tend to cook rich and fatty foods. Eating leaner cut meat like grass-fed beef and sources of protein like salmon and fish which also include omega 3, are great ways to eat healthy at the dinner table.

4. Swap soft drink for plenty of water! This statement can be reoccurring especially in a lot of health and wellbeing blogs. BUT keeping up your water intake and staying hydrated has a huge impact on living a healthy lifestyle. Soft drinks are filled with sugar and unwanted chemicals. If you are feeling like something bubbly opt for mineral water with lemon as this is a great alternative.

5. When it comes to snack time, it’s a lot easier to nibble on something quick an easy to buy dairy milk chocolate or kettle chips. But swapping kettle chips for rice cakes with crunchy peanut butter, or chocolate for unsalted almonds or cashew nuts as they are lower in calories, sugar and salt are all better options for your body. 🙂

These are just a few tips on changing your lifestyle and becoming a better, healthier version of you!  As seen on our Lady Shake and Man Shake websites, we offer a variety of different healthy meal alternatives and recipes suitable for everyone. 🙂