Being time poor is never an excuse! Here are some handy tips to help ditch those kilos.

  1. Ditch the all or nothing mentality

Every single step you take towards a healthier lifestyle matters.   A lot of people think they need to spend an hour slogging it out in the gym each day or eat only sugar, free, gluten-free superfood to be on the right track to lose weight, and often as women, we are so hard on ourselves so if we cannot maintain this we give up and don’t even try. This is the wrong attitude to have, instead start looking at small decisions you make over a whole day period, for example, if you ditch the gym in the morning still try and eat healthy for the rest of the day.

  1. Don’t skip meals

We hear it oh too often, women are so busy that they walk out the door without eating brekkie or they work right through their lunch break. We aren’t here to shame you, we’re all guilty of it from time to time! However, remember going 4 hours without refueling can slow down your metabolism, affect hormones and insulin levels. Try and pack something easy for lunch, even if it’s not a whole meal just something small is better than eating nothing at all and eventually build up to having consistent meals each day.

  1. Get Moving

Setting aside 60 minutes each day is often just not achievable for most busy mums. Luckily, experts believe you can see the same results by doing just a 10 minute a day high-intensity workout, so instead of trying to make it to the gym after work each day and failing; set up an area of your home where you can workout at a fast pace for just 10 minutes.

  1. Simple Swaps

Focus on the little swaps you can do each day with your food choices that can leave to big changes. Instead of grabbing a sandwich from the cafeteria, go or a wholemeal wrap instead and make sure you are adding some protein like chicken to keep you fuller for longer. Can’t help but reach for a can of soft drink at dinner, grab some sparkling water instead it will still give you the fizzy feeling without the calories.

  1. Be socially active

Why not turn your social weekend activities into fitness time? We aren’t suggesting you ask your friends to meet you for a class of spin, but with the summer months coming up suggesting going for a walk with a friend rather than sitting down for a cup of coffee. Chances are you will have so much to catch up on you won’t even feeling like you’re working out.