You might find it hard enough to motivate yourself to workout, let alone asking your husband or boyfriend to be onboard, yet Dr. Theresa DiDonato from the University of Maryland argues that couples who exercise together may enjoy a few surprising benefits. She found couples who spend time together being active experienced increased happiness within their relationship, improved efficiency in their workouts, even romantic arousal and increased emotional bonds with their partner.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we should share the top five ways you can get fit with your partner – even with little ones underfoot!

  1. Do an activity you BOTH enjoy

If your husband likes rugby but you hate kicking a football around, it’s unlikely that you’ll be motivated to get out of the house. Instead, try to find activities that you both enjoy. Perhaps you are lucky enough to live close to the beach or a local park lands – a quick 15 min walk before picking up the kids makes a huge impact on your overall happiness. You’ll have a rare chance to check in with one another, and, if you pick up the pace, you can shake off the stress of the day at the same time.

If romantic walks along the beach are not your thing, try one of these calorie-burning exercises (that don’t actually feel like exercise):

  • 30 min mixed-gender boxing class
  • 20 min practicing golf swings in the local park
  • 30 min weekend bush walk or bike ride (only 15 min each way)
  • 45 min at your local rock climbing centre
  1. Get the kids involved

It can be difficult to put yourself first, especially ahead of time with the kids, but there is no reason workouts can’t be a family affair. When you think of exercise with the kids, you will need to let go of the idea of ”˜speed’ and focus more on enjoying the process. This can be a 15 min soccer match in the backyard after dinner, 10 mins on the trampoline, or chasing scooters by foot around the local neighbourhood. If you love playing with your husband and kids in the pool on the weekends – add a few laps up and down with your man to burn off the Friday night wine and treat meal.

  1. Hit the park

With so many great park facilities available, the EASIEST form of workout can be simply heading do to the local park, finding the monkey bars, and having some fun. Challenge each other, have a laugh… and maybe if you’ve followed your plan for the week you can afford to hit the pub for a wine and beer afterwards.

If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for ideas that don’t require unnecessary equipment, try the Lady Shake Challenge loaded with super simple 10 min exercise routines, useful tips, and healthy recipes. It’s free with any Lady Shake product purchase over $199!

  1. Bounce off each other

Not literally though. You can use The Lady Shake resistance bands to workout at home. Here are our some of our favourite (and easy) exercises that we do in 10 mins:

  1. Get competitive

Sometimes a little bit of competition can kick-start your motivation. Getting serious with your partner about our backyard ”˜sports’ can actually lead to more quality time (although it has led to a few arguments). This could be as simple as a game of cricket or barefoot bowls, either way when pride is on the line, men are often the first to put up their hand to have a go. So get the scoreboard out and get creative. 15 mins of fun in the backyard or local park before making dinner can make a difference to your happiness – and your waistline!

We hope you get to spend some quality time with your partner this Valentine’s Day ladies! Send us your favourite couple workout or join the Lady Shake Challenge today for more inspiration.