5 Wellness Podcasts You Need Right Now

Wellness Podcasts are the new black. First of all, they are easy to listen to when you’re on your way to work, in the shower or while you’re working the week away, hence they are the ultimate inspiration. Read this if you want an inspiration hit!

  1. The Melissa Ambrosini show: Melissa’s podcast is inspirational yet relatable. It covers all topics from visualising your dreams, gut health, and relationships.
  2. The Bodylove project: The name says it all basically, this podcast is all about loving your body. 
  3. TEDTalks Health: If you want to listen to different topics on health from a variety of experts, this is for you!
  4. Wellbeing podcasts: Relax and relieve stress with this guided meditation.
  5. Getmerry podcast: The Merry sisters talk about real topics. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes these easy and enjoyable to listen to, whilst feeling inspired.

Get started on your podcast journey today!



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