Top 6 Christmas Present Ideas For Yourself!

Yes, it’s already that time of the year again. And while it may be the last thing on your mind, if you don’t shortlist a couple of Christmas gift ideas you could be left with another dust collector.

But how are you meant to tell others what you want when you don’t even know?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to leave it all up to the husband to take a guess! We’ve done the hard yards to save you the time and compiled a list of 6 awesome Christmas ideas you’ll actually want and use.



Wearable health and fitness trackers are the perfect gift for the ladies looking to get more active. A fitness wearable can track your steps, distance, heart rate, calories burnt, floors climbed, you name it. Not just that, but it’ll also monitor your sleep and give you a detailed report.

Functionality can vary from the basic models to full-blown smartwatches that are a phone on your wrist. The future, right?

The most popular brands are Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung and Apple, and can vary in price. They are also available in a range of colours and styles so not only is it great for your health and fitness but a cute accessory too!



A diffuser is perfect for relaxation after work with calming scents filling every room. Essential oil diffusers are great for reducing stress allowing for a good nights sleep, with the added benefit of purfying the air, killing bacteria.

Wireless Headphones

Cords are a thing of the past. Bluetooth headphones and earphones are getting cheaper and cheaper, and they are great audio quality.

If you love to listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts on your way to work or when exercising, wireless earphones are a must-have this year.

Source: Phillips Daily Collection Air Fryers

Air Fryer

We all love fried foods, but unfortunately, that’s what led to the weight piling on.

That’s what makes these Air Fryers so amazing! they make quality fried foods by air circulation, not grease and oil.

Ask anyone who has one, these things are the real deal.


Slow Cooker 

This is a must-have for anyone who loves amazing food!

Picture this – you quickly put food into a pot before you leave you for work and come home 8 hours later, tired and busy organising the kids, to a house smelling of amazing, rich, flavourful food. That’s what a slow cooker can do for you.




There’s nothing better than putting on a fresh pair of joggers. It makes you want to get out and put them to use, and that’s the perfect way to work off that extra plate you’ll consume on Christmas day.


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