Whether it’s after work, with dinner, to catch up with friends, or simply because why not, wine relaxes minds and brings smiles to faces. And, as it turns out, there is good reason for it.

The health benefits of wine have been studied extensively. Maybe this is because people want to justify their own consumption, but either way, we appreciate the scientific justification for pouring a glass.

If you, like us, have ever wondered what the health benefits of drinking wine actually are, prepare to be amazed. Here are 6 of the amazing health benefits moderate wine consumption provides.


Heart Health

Sure, you can get your antioxidants from vegetables, but wine is a much more satisfying way!

Red wine contains active compounds including polyphenols, resveratrol, and quercetin, that have been shown to help fight free radicals and oxidative stresses.

These compounds, particularly quercetin, also help to reduce blood pressure levels by reducing inflammation when consumed moderately.

If you’re wondering what they define as moderate wine consumption, the level at which these benefits are present, it is around 1 glass per day.


Strong Bones

Studies have also shown moderate wine consumption can assist in helping to maintain healthy bones.

Women are most affected by osteoporosis (weakening of the bones) post menopause as estrogen levels drop, so it’s important to maintain bone health during this time.


Better Sleep

You know the feeling, a glass of red wine at night and you’re nearly asleep on the couch. Well, it turns out there is a reason for this.

The grapes red wines are made of are rich in melatonin, the very same sleep hormone produced in our brain. The levels of melatonin in grapes, due to the active compound resveratrol, actually exceed the natural level in your body and can assist with regulating your sleep cycle!


Anti-Aging benefits!

If you’ve heard of blue zones around the world before (the places where people live the longest), you’ve probably wondered what their secret it. As it turns out, it could be wine.

That’s right, these regions are big on drinking wine regularly, if not daily. Italy; Greece; California; in each area wine with meals and friends is a staple, and there is good reason for it. Resveratrol, the compound found predominantly in red wine, is thought to accentuate the expression of genes linked to longevity.


Diabetes prevention

Studies have shown that people who drink wine three to four times a week were 30% less likely to develop diabetes than those who drank less than once a week.

This protection could be due to polyphenols in red wine, plant-based chemicals that help manage blood sugar levels.


Stress Reduction

This one isn’t science-backed, but you can’t tell me a glass of wine after a long hard day doesn’t feel great. Sure, you can indulge in comfort foods, but who wants all those added sugars and calories?

So the next time you question whether to pour a glass with dinner or after work, just remember, it’s for your health.