We all love a spag bowl or carbonara but it has always been a weight-loss no-no. Until now!

Introducing Slendier a low-carb, low-calorie, gluten-free, organic pasta dish that’s full of fibre and protein. These options are a godsend for enjoying your favourite pasta dishes while still dropping some kegs.

They’re made from organic edamame beans, Slendier Edamame Bean Fettuccine is high in fibre, low in calories and very filling.

You can order online or grab from your local coles.

This is another household staple that can tip you off the wagon any day of the week.

If you love a succulent Chinese meal at home then you need rice, right? With so many new products hitting the shelves it’s going to be easier for you to make better choices!

One of our favourites is Birds eye Cauliflower rice, it’s significantly lower in calories and you can add this to so many different meals and swap out traditional rice to help you lose weight and most of all stay full without overeating!

Now there are a number of “Veggie” rice options you can choose which are all great options.

This one is for all the sweet tooth’s out there!

Let me just say there is NOTHING wrong with having a serve of your favourite ice cream packed with all the good stuff. Life is short and to be enjoyed but in moderation. Where we come unstuck is overeating and a 1 serve turns into 2 and let be honest ain’t nobody eating 1 serve of B&J at a time.

Now, what if you could lose weight and still enjoy ice cream every night? (if that’s your thing)

Over the last 24 months, there are literally dozens of low-calorie ice creams and our pick is Halo Top where you can eat a whole tub for around 300 calories (not recommended)

It’s not going to be your average creamy, indulgent ice cream but it’s good for fewer calories and you can find the right one that suits your taste!

Another great low-calorie option is Fropro which is a higher protein option and both of these are available at your local Coles or Woolworths.

We had to include a popular go-to snack for weight loss which is one of our favourites. Yoghurt is tricky with all the fancy marketing and pretty pictures, they are not all equal.

Dairy farmers have always been a staple in many Australian homes but since the rise in Greek yoghurt, the tables have definitely turned. One of the biggest issues is seeing words like “low fat” which may be true but they are still packed with sugar.

Now there are options from Danone & Chobani just to name a few that offer high protein and zero sugar along with numerous health benefits and they’re delicious too!

Just remember no matter how “healthy” the front label may look always read the nutritional panel focusing on calories, protein and sugar.

Now many of you won’t like to hear this one but unfortunately, it must be done!

Dare iced espresso coffee is a crowd favourite and an easy on the go option – PLUS, it’s delicious! It’s also PACKED full of sugar and each bottle is almost the equivalent of 2 Lady shakes worth of calories (let that sink in).

One every now in then is fine but the truth is there are better choices to get your caffeine fix in summer.

BOSS coffee is from Japan and it’s not only delicious it’s a rich smooth coffee that isn’t overpowering. On top of that, it’s now in just about every service station, Coles and Woolworths so it’s easy to get your hands on.

We should also mention Dare brought out a cold brew strong latte which is worth a mention as it sits around 210 calories and 15g of sugar which is better but the BOSS is still the best option.

One big misconception is that ALL salads are “healthy”. What a lot of people forget about is the dressing and specifically the amount of dressing we put on salads.

A number of them are super high in sugar and unhealthy fats, so when you lather up your salad you can be eating a double serve without even knowing it.

The easiest way to save yourself some calories is by simply swapping out any creamy dressings and having a vinegar-based dressing like balsamic or even just olive oil!

There are so many good options at your local supermarkets and some of our favourites are French, Italian, Garlic infused olive oil to name a few.

One of the most asked questions we get is “Can I add milk to my Lady Shake?”

The short answer is yes you can but remember it always adds extra calories.

For example, if you used 450ml of Dairy farmers skim milk you add an extra 125 Calories and 16g of sugar per shake! Doing this twice a day can add up over time that’s why we suggest water for best results.

If you have to use milk stick to a single-serve of 250ml and the rest water. Even better you can swap to unsweetened almond milk.

If you’ve never tried almond milk it’s a great dairy alternative and has WAY fewer calories and sugar overall. It’s low saturated fat, no cholesterol, A source of calcium.