8 Tricks for Cutting Carbs You’ve Never Tried

Trying to cut back on carbohydrates? While having carbs isn’t a bad thing, if it’s something you are trying to cut back on it can feel nearly impossible to enjoy a meal without the starch. For those attempting the keto diet it can be challenging to give up comfort foods such as pasta, but with these clever low carb food swaps, it doesn’t have to be! 
The list below will show you how you can enjoy some of your favorite snacks and comfort foods without racking up the calories in one meal!

Swap breaded tenders for wings


Although it can be tough giving up the tenders, all the bread your consuming is high in carbs. Swap them out for some chicken wings (not breaded), which are low in carbs – the comfort food of your dreams!


Swap pasta for zoodles


Craving a bowl of Alfredo? Well it doesn’t have to be your high carb cheat meal for the week with this easy swap out. Instead of using carb heavy pasta, why not try zucchini noodles, populary known as ‘zoodles’. You get the same delicious flavour without the added calories!

Swap chips for veggie sticks

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Swap lasagna for eggplant


Lasagna is a great comfort dish! Looking to make some for dinner? That doesn’t mean you have to go for the noodles. Why not try thin slices of eggplant instead to increase your veggie intake while lowering the carbs.

Before you start cooking, you’ll want to cook the eggplant slices on a sheet pan for 5 minutes with your oven on high.

Swap rice for cauliflower rice


If your after a stirfry for dinner but don’t want the rice, try swapping it for some Cauliflower! It is easier than you think and can be used as a rice replacement for numerous dishes.

Swap wraps for lettuce



Ditch the wraps and use large leaves of iceberge lettuce as a wrap instead. No need for the added carbs with this sandwhich wrap hack!

Swap granola for nuts


Granola and yoghurt is an easy go-to brekky that is seen as a healthy option but often packed with sugar and carbohydrates. Save yourself the carbs and calories by using nuts and greek yoghurt instead. Just be sure to portion your nuts as those calories can add up quickly too!

Swap toast for sausage


Eggs and toast is a classic breakfast but it’s also a breakfast that doesn’t work for those trying to stay on a low carb diet. By replacing the toast with some meat such as a sausage patty is an easy way to swap out the carbs.