9 foods you can eat as much as you want!

Now, there’s very few foods that get a free pass from us here at Lady HQ. Portion control is key to healthy eating habits, but there are some foods you can be a bit looser with, without packing on the kilos. 

These 9 foods get The Lady Shake tick of approval, so load your plate up!


41 calories per 100g

Carrots are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Not just that, but they are great for your vision! A great tip is to put carrots in everything you cook, especially pies, spaghetti bol, and stirfries!


15 calories per 100g

How good is cucumber in salad! Well, add as many as you want because not only are they low calorie, they are full of nutrients and taste great. You can even use cut them up to eat with a nice dip.


17 calories per 100g

Lettuce isn’t just for salads, you have it on burgers, sandwiches, or wraps. It’s also rich in vitamin A, K and folate, so go nuts!


18 calories per 100g

Look, you either love or hate tomatoes (unless you’re one of those blokes who hates tomatoes but likes tomato sauce, which is weird). Tomatoes are great to put in things you cook, salads, or even a soup, and they’re highly nutritious and low calorie.


35 calories per 100g

A great source of vitamins C & K, Broccoli gets a free pass from us here at Man Shake. Load your plate up, add it into stirfries and other meals where you can, and enjoy it as it contains a good amount of protein and fibre aswell.


28 calories per 100g

Now just wait a second before you scoll past this one. Kale isn’t the disgusting cafe bowl-filler you think it is. It actually makes crunchy chips that are on par with potato chips!

Oh, and Kale is one of the richest vitamin K sources in the world, so it’s got a lot going for it.


22 calories per 100g

Mushrooms are full of over a dozen important vitamins and minerals! Just like carrot, you can throw mushrooms in anything flavourful and you won’t even taste them, so you can load up your meals with this nutrient dense veggie.

And no, this doesn’t give you a free pass to top up the Diane sauce (sorry).


15 calories per 100g

Zucchini is so versitile you can really put it in anything! Not just that, but you can also make zoodles (pictured above) to use in pasta and stirfries instead of calorie-filled pastas. Zucchini is also a great source of vitamin C and potassium.


40 calories per 100g

Capsicums are part of the nightshade family, closely related to chillis. They are exceptionally high in vitamin C and antioxidants, so add them to your stirfries, salads, and any other meal you can think of!