Each day of the challenge has a 10-minute workout you can do anytime and a daily meal plan which two meal options for each meal of the day!

10 Minute Fat Burning Workout

We offer additional exercises for those who still have fuel in their tank after 10mins

Meal plan

Click on the meal images to see the full recipe!

Breakfast option 1

Breakfast option 2

Lunch option 1

Lunch option 2

Dinner option 1

Dinner option 2

Snack option 1

Snack option 2

Would you prefer a different option for lunch? Choose from our huge food library and start smashing your goals!

Each day you are encouraged to tick off against your workout and meal task list. On the weekends we give you the chance to tell us how you are tracking with your weight and waist measurements. Rewards are awarded weekly and are based on your progress tracking or Fit Rating for that week. Our rewards come in the form of wine and a few pieces of chocolate and coincide with the weekend so you can enjoy them properly. And of course, our plan incorporates treat meals to keep you motivated!

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