Shireen Wood, 37, Sydney

I have always been petite and naturally thin without doing anything I’m very lucky that I was able to lose weight after the first two children without trying.

However, after number 3 I found it was not as easy last year to bounce back. My husband Matt was on his Manshake journey and I could enjoy these milestones and success with him. I also supported him through jealous family, childhood friends and work colleagues that could not celebrate his success.

Matt got into the science behind food and began to celebrate his success with me and said why don’t you try the lady shake not only for weight loss but for convenience with getting three kids out the door in the morning.

We were on holidays and I could see the total transformation of Matt mentally emotionally and physically having been together for 18 years it was the first time, I saw him value and love himself and the success he crafted despite the haters which only motivated him more.

I thought as he told the kids I look after myself so I’m here for you all for a long time. It was that lightbulb moment for me that I can be a player in his team, not just a cheerleader and together we would be at optimum health for our beautiful tribe.

Shireen has lost 8kg using The Lady Shake.

As a mum of three, I don’t know why people settle not to invest in themselves after having kids.

I want to model dedication and discipline to my kids outside the work arena. I want them to see health & fitness as an everyday investment and to take care of your body. I feel like a superhero for my family. I feel empowered.

My biggest roadblock was that I felt it was not important in my day today. That everyone else’s needs needed to be met before my own.

So I put me first to be the best version of me for them and me.

The Lady Shake is the simple piece of the puzzle. It’s an ongoing journey, it’s a lifestyle choice not to feed rubbish into your body instead to fuel yourself well.

Having The Lady Shake for breakfast is just easy and now with me returning to full-time work being on the road sales rep, I can take it with me and not eat poorly because I’m out in client meetings.