Hi! My Name is Angela Mills, I’m 31 married, 2 kids, I live in Muswellbrook NSW.

I heard about lady shakes off one of my best friends who too had lost weight using The Lady Shake program.

I saw how well it worked for one of my best mates that I thought why not, I should give it a try.

Before the Lady shake, I had tried losing weight by going to the gym heaps, watching what I ate – portion controlled, other shake diets. Nothing else worked like this has for me.

The program is quick and easy. I liked having a meal plan on paper in front of me, it makes things easy to follow. And the best part… The shakes are so filling which you think they wouldn’t be but are.




I have only had the chocolate and Carmel flavour shakes n the chocolate and mint lady bars. All are so yummy and completely satisfying … no hunger pains for me.

I found it was super easy to follow the meal plans. When you order you get the Lady to shake guide with the different meals plans; maintenance, weight loss, and rapid weight loss. This helped out so much as it took the guesswork out of trying to plan what to eat.

Now I feel healthier, I have more energy and I find my knees don’t hurt as much.

I would definitely recommend Lady Shakes to other women because it is simple, easy to follow, you see results straight away and you get a cheat night once a week!


UPDATE (1 month later) 

Angela started at 78kg and is now 60kg.

Waist: Start 82cm now 73cm Thigh: Start 61cm now 52cm