I’m 41 years old nearly 42. I live in West Hoxton.

I started on my journey on the 12th of Jan 2020 and just four months later, I have lost a total of 14kgs.


I have been diagnosed with 2 different Auto Immune Diseases in the past few years and I got to the stage where I was feeling so unwell and fatigued that I knew that being at the weight that I had reached was playing at huge part in the way I was living my life. My ‘aha’ moment was coming back from our Christmas break this year and stepping on the scales and being that heaviest I have ever been. From that moment on I made the decision to make changes to the way I lived.

I had done some research on the internet to try and find the best way to loss my weight and keep it off and I found ”˜The Lady Shake’

I was using another meal replacement product but after looking in the ingredients, protein etc found that the amount of sugar, salt and fat was way more than The Lady Shake and that why I started on these shakes.

I think the biggest roadblock for me was that I just could not get myself motivated or interested in getting healthy at all. I was feeling deflated and yuck all the time. The way I overcame this is by realising that if I didn’t change something now that my life would continue downhill and things would get worst for me.

My Lifestyle changed a great deal once I committed to The Lady Shake, I was eating less and better and walking twice a day which I never exercised in my life. I think that the biggest different now for me is that I feel that I can do so much more each and everyday (I used to be so tired on the weekends that I would need to nap for hours instead of spending valuable time with my family).

I would say to anyone thinking about trying it, The Lady Shake can and will change your life if you put your mind and heart into getting motivated and taking that first step to starting the program with consistency and determination you too will see results.