Angela, 48 from Port Stephens NSW has transformed her life with The Lady Shake losing 25kgs!

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I am 9 months into my weight loss journey with The Lady Shake and I have lost 25kgs so far and have around 20 more to go until I reach my goals!

With menopause just around the corner and nearly the big 50, health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, I knew I had to do something. I also have arthritic knees that require surgery but have to lose a lot of weight for that to happen. I couldn’t believe how much I had let myself go over the years. Going through all of this I didn’t just want to get my life and health back on track, but I needed to!

After her own weight loss with the Lady Shake, a friend of mine suggested that I give it a go. I thought what did I have to lose except the weight itself.

Since Starting the shake not only have I have lost weight but I’ve gained so much; a happy and healthier me! I have so much more energy, even starting an exercise regime which I could have never done before. I’m sleeping a lot better, my health issues are a lot more manageable and my joints are thanking me!

I would definitely recommend the Lady Shake to other Ladies as it tastes great, the plan is so easy to follow and stick too, it’s convenient; just shake and go and it actually works! The Lady Bars are delicious to and fulfill the cravings when you feel like having a treat! Thanks Lady Shake for helping me change my life for the better.