Angie, Aged 55 from North Queensland lost 19.5kgs in just 12 weeks.
My journey started when my son got engaged and I thought ‘oh my god’ when I saw the photos of myself. Following this my daugher announced she was having a baby and my doctor told me my blood pressure was so high that I would have to double my medication if I continued to gain weight. I went home and thought seriously about where I was headed. I want to see my son get married and meet my 1st grandchild so I knew I needed to make a change.

I have tried every diet possible but I never seem to follow any through. I found out about The Lady Shake from a friend from work and decided to give it a shot.

Since starting The Lady Shake my lifestyle has completely changed, I’ve got so much more energy. Going from a serious junk food eater, drinking soft drink like there was no tomorrow, skipping meals plus the amount of alcohol I was drinking was way out of control. I weighed in at 130kgs, 12 weeks later I am 111.5kgs, & still losing weight. From sitting on the couch with snacks, to wanting to get out and go places, Lady Shake you have been my guardian angel. I’m not thinking negative, I’m thinking positive. I’m loving life, I’m going to see my son get married one day and I will get to meet my 1st grandchild. Also growing old with my rock, my partner and my best friend. I can now do the things I enjoy like walking at markets and outdoor events.

My mind was set on making this work and Lady shake made it so easy. It takes the hassle away from counting calories and reading labels, its also quick and most importantly tasty. I no longer have cravings, I have energy and losing the extra weight will help my bad knees and ankles. What have you got to lose, if I can do it, you can too. I would highly recommend Lady Shake to anyone. I would like to give a big thankyou for the support my partner Shaun and my kids have given me. Thanks Lady Shake you made my journey so much easier and I would highly recommend your shakes.