My name is Annie Brown. I am 76 years old & live in Coolah in rural NSW. 

I became very sick in October 2018 with constant lung infections which resulted in my admission to hospital. After being treated for asthma for many years I got to see a respiratory specialist & after many tests found my lungs were fine & nothing to require the steroids & sprays I was on.

I was found to have Gastroparesis [delayed stomach emptying] also gall bladder malfunction. I was then referred to a specialist surgeon in Sydney for fundoplication/cholecystectomy & needed to reduce my weight to 70 kgs to have the operation performed via laparoscopy. I was also told that I wouldn’t lose weight with my health conditions.

I also suffered sleep apnoea & was on a CPAP machine as well as taking a low dose blood pressure medication. My blood pressure after the weight loss is good & I am off my CPAP machine.

Otherwise I am quite a healthy & active 76-year-old. This was the reason I felt I had to do something as I wanted a quality of life again, more energy & to feel healthy. I couldn’t do it on other diet/shakes so this was the one.

I have lost a total of 17kgs using the Lady Shake.

Over many years of weight fluctuation & trying every diet & every shake on the market I lost for a short time but no matter how much exercise [tennis, cycling, line dancing, beach swimming] I never got below 79 kgs & then on it would go again. So, this led to my decision to try the Lady Shake.

I was speaking to a friend whose husband was on the Man Shake & she suggested I give it a go. So, this was my decision. What did I have to lose? Only weight.

I have the Lady Shake for breakfast with berries, chia & add half water half coconut water sometimes a banana. Lunch is steamed vegetables, Lady Shake pancakes, eggs or shake if busy afternoon. Morning snack of low-calorie food. Dinner is a shake with ginger, cinnamon, coconut water & sometimes a bowl of steamed vegetables or beef broth. If out for dinner or lunch I have a ”˜cheat’ day. I don’t eat root vegetables, salads or fruit other than banana or berries because of my stomach emptying but I do have stewed fruit as it’s easy to digest. I find the Lady Shake has every ingredient I need for a healthy meal.

My favourite flavours are strawberry & vanilla.

The big difference now i have lost the weight is no nausea, feeling well in the morning, no bloating, easy on the stomach, lots of energy and sleeping well. The best part tho is I have thrown out all my big clothes.

So many people comment on my weight loss & of course I tell them I wouldn’t be without my Lady Shake.

The biggest roadblock is you need to psyche yourself up, have determination & lots of willpower.

If you want to start on a great weight loss programme this is the one to go for. It’s very economical – buy specials online & only costs $2.50/meal. If you don’t like the taste add spices, coconut water, berries etc. I find it a bit thick sometimes but I just add more water. Easy peasy!

I have recommended Lady/Man Shakes to many of my family & friends as a weight loss option that works.