I have just turned 60 years old. I live on the Central coast of NSW.

For the last 7 months, I have been on the lady shake journey and so far, I have lost 17kg, my aim is for 20kg.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis which has had a massive impact on my life, as far as exercise goes chronic pain is not fun. Recently diagnosed Coeliac. 

I always say I could eat in a coma. I realise my obsession with food was not good.

I’ve yoyo dieted all my adult life, I’ve tried different platforms, e.g.: Weight watchers, Tony Ferguson, Lite n easy…Nothing worked for long, I always craved food.

I got to 84kg which isn’t a lot for some people but it was big for me. I was huffing and puffing while walking, normal walking not fast walking, my blood pressure escalated and I felt weighed down and heavy. I thought enough is enough.

I saw Lady shake on TV, then looked up on the internet about the Lady shake, being Celiac, a lot of programs were not suitable anymore but was excited LS was gluten-free. I was hesitant as I’ve tried meal replacement drinks before which have been tasteless and my brain didn’t compute I had a meal because it was thin and watery like a drink.

I got a multi-box from the supermarket to try. Got onto a couple of Facebook sites to check out the feedback from others. From the first drink, I was sold. Reading the hints and tricks from others helped my experience. I love the consistency of the shake; I feel like I have eaten.

I feel better in myself, I believe the pain from my Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis, especially in my back and hips have improved as I’m not carrying the extra weight.

My roadblock has always been overeating and emotional eating, which is still an ongoing battle.

With the LS, which has been positive, it is encouraged to have a treat meal, I look forward to that and it’s when I can without guilt have something I’ve perhaps been craving. I don’t feel I’m missing out, and still lose weight.

Friends, family and workmates have all complimented me on my weight loss, I tell them I owe it to the lady shake. I explain the journey I’ve been on, and how easy it has been. I have inspired others to at least think about starting a weight loss program. Because I’ve lost on the Lady shake others were encouraged to also go on the LS. If your thinking about it I would just say “Give it a go”!