April, Perth, WA

27 yr old April heard about the Lady Shake through a friend of hers who was having great results.  She had not long before given birth and was wanting to deal with her baby weight quickly!  She started her Lady Shake journey in mid-January 2019.


April’s story:

April had tried using a few other meal replacement shakes in the past but they left her “feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Not only that but I found myself craving bad foods as well. On these shakes I feel my body is getting all the fuel it needs and I never feel hungry or lethargic like I did on other shakes.”

“I found myself having so much energy and, with a newborn and a 5 year old, that is so very important. I have lost weight and, being someone who has crash dieted a lot in the past, I always find losing weight harder these days. These shakes have seen me lose that stubborn baby weight, while giving me so much energy!”

“The choc mint flavour is delicious. I look forward to having my shakes every day and it helps curb my sweet tooth! I have the strawberry shake coming soon and I’m very excited to try it!

“I found the LS meal plan very easy to follow.  I love how it  gave me options for healthy snacks and meals to have as well. I found that really helpful.  Also, it’s  a bonus that they are not difficult to make and the plan is so easy adjust to suit your lifestyle.”

“When you have had two kids, your body changes a lot, so being able to fit into your pre baby clothes and not lose your identity is vital to feeling your best. The added energy I have has been so incredible for adjusting to life with a new baby and a 5 year old!”

“I would highly recommend The Lady Shake to other women who want to feel great in their own skin again.  You will enjoy having a lot more energy and your body will be getting all the nutrients it needs.  This is so important to perform at full function! I can not recommend The Lady Shake more!”

Well done April!  You are an inspiration!  Thank you for sharing.