So, you are eating healthy? You’re eating the right foods, snacking right and even exercising yet you jump on the scales and they aren’t moving or whats worse they are heading south. Well, you are not alone. A lot of women eat the correct foods but it’s the amount of food, not the actual food that’s sticking to our love handles and tipping the scales.

You could be suffering from Portion distortion! This occurs when people believe large amounts of food is a normal amount, as opposed to the small, hand-sized portions they should be eating.

Depending on the size of your hand, the comparisons with food will vary, but here are the 5 ways you can measure food with one of your hands.


Use the size of your fist to measure the portion sizes of rice, fruits and vegetables.

You can also measure these food portions with one full measuring cup.


You can use your thumb as a guide when eating dairy foods or peanut butter. This is the equivalent of 2 tablespoons.


Protein portions like red meat, chicken or fish can be measured with the size of your palm. This is equal to around 100gms-150gms of meat depending on your palm size.


You can cup your hand to measure the portion of snacks like nuts or dried fruits. This is equal to around 1/2 a cup or 30gms.


A guide for portion sizes of healthy fats like avocado spread, hummus, etc equates to the size of your fingertip, or around 1 teaspoon.