One of amazing ambassadors, Chloe, who has lost 25kgs thanks to The Lady Shake, shared how she is keeping fit and healthy at home!

How are you staying motivated?

To be honest it has been a little bit of a struggle. From working six days a week, always in routine to completely home and by myself, it took a good week to get my head right.

I began by changing my thought process, I’m not busy anymore but I’m still blessed. Once my mindset reset, I began seeing my time as a motivation to be better. I often look back at transformation photos as they help in these times, especially times when I just want to splurge.

How are you keeping a routine?

My alarm is set for 5am everyday, just as it was before isolation. I get dressed, AirPods in and I get running! I do two laps of the estate I live in (roughly around 4K). After my run it’s coffee and shake time. Then I choose a part of my house and I clean. I set my alarm for 12pm and I have my second shake. Hubby gets home about 2pm and I’m back out the door walking the dogs, another 2k.

Are you doing any home workouts?

Mainly running twice daily but I have also begun my own home circuit consisting of sit-ups, push-ups and weights using water bottles.

What does your at home eating look like?

The first week my mental health was struggling and I ate take out every day, gained 3kg and was so down on myself because I felt each of those legs. Now, I’m back on track and hubby is joining in too!

Any tips & tricks?

Give yourself time to feel sorry and sad, this situation is like no other but then understand that we have technology to stay connected – FaceTime all your family daily, YouTube workouts, the opportunities are endless.