Rachel, one of our amazing Lady Shake ambassadors, who has lost 39kgs, shares how she is staying on track with her health and wellness while social distancing.

Keep re-working your goals:

I’ve always tried to set realistic goals. As my weight loss journey progresses, I am setting different goals for different stages. I often re-set my goals, ones that make sense to achieve and are more motivating & more rewarding.

Find what motivates you:

My family are my biggest motivation – especially my 11-year-old daughter and my husband. My daughter always offers to exercise with me (which is great) and my husband is also using The Man Shake (he actually says he wishes he had as much motivation and determination as I do). Sharing my story with my friends on social media helps keep me motivated as well. They’re words of encouragement is just what I need!


Tracking progress:

I use the ”˜My Fitness Pal’ app daily (download from the Apple Store – FREE) to track my progress. The app tracks my food intake, plus exercise. I also weigh myself daily, which give me extra motivation. Although, I am not hard on myself as I now know that every day is different and I allow for daily fluctuations in my weight.

Stick to a routine:

I try to keep to a routine each day. Now that I am on a flexible roster at work, I am doing some days at home, so routine is even more important. I make sure I start my day with a shake for breakfast as I feel this sets my day on the right foot (I can’t believe before the shakes I used to skip breakfast so much).

I also stick to the same times I would have morning tea/lunch at work and make sure I have my healthy options available for me to snack on if I need to.

I also exercise for at least 35 minutes a day. If I am unable to go for a walk outside, I will jump on the treadmill.


Keep eating at home simple: 

My at home eating is realistic (it has to be with a family of four). After a shake for breakfast I have nuts as a snack. I always have Greek yoghurt and fresh berries in the fridge as another healthy snack option.

I will then either have a shake or a tuna or salmon salad for lunch. For dinner I generally have what the family has, but my portion size is much smaller. I’ve learnt the key to eating is about portion size and healthier choices. It’s great because I now cook healthier options for my family as well.


Enjoy a treat meal:

I also allow myself a treat meal every week or so. I don’t feel guilty when I have this meal as I worked hard to get it, so not only do I enjoy a treat meal, it also motivates me. Plus I feel I am in the right head space too, which helps a lot! I know what my body needs & I read my own body’s signals.

Believe in yourself:

If I was to give anyone any tips it would be to believe in yourself & don’t be too hard on yourself. Fuel your body with the right foods and drink lots of water. Talk to others about your journey and ask for advice from fellow lady shake user’s on the Facebook private community. Finally, everyone is different – what works for one, may not work for you. Sometimes it is all trial and error until you find your groove.

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