One of our amazing Lady Shake ambassadors, Lee, who is a Head Nurse at an Aged Care Facility in the Central Coast, shares how she is keeping on track through isolation.

lee 1

How are you staying on track?

Well for me it has been quite easy to stay on track because I’m still working full time and having shakes as normal. Despite everything going on, I have been able to stay focused on loosing weight. I’m up to 25 kilos in 5 months and am really proud of myself!

The home schooling is by far the biggest challenge – I don’t know how teachers do it! But all in all were keeping our chins up.

lee 2

How are you keeping fit at home?

I bought a pushbike and have been riding roughly around 12 kms a day with the whole family. We as a family are all absolutely loving that! It’s nice to get outside and also spend the quality time together.

I’ve also been doing squats with my two kids every night to the ”˜bring up sally’ song –

I love doing it, however my poor kids less then love it (haha), but still partake!

lee 3