Hi, my name is Bec I’m 31 years old from Scarborough QLD. Since starting the lady shake I have lost a total of 20kgs.

I have three children, a 7-year-old, a 20-month-old and a 5-month-old. With my last two babies being so close together I packed the weight on during the 18 months of pregnancy. My weight started at 60kgs and increased to 90kgs. After giving birth to my last baby my weight naturally declined by 10kgs. I was still 20kgs over my pre-pregnancy weight. I was very unhappy with my appearance and I had next to no energy to play with my children. I was finding it extremely hard doing any form of exercise with all the extra weight I was carrying which is when I knew I needed to cut my calories drastically. This is where the lady shake came into the picture. I didn’t have enough time to count my calories let alone make healthy meals for myself. My husband (who is currently taking the Man shake) told me to give the lady shake a go. Now, I’m very sceptical when it comes to weight loss products but I knew it was working for my husband and once I read the nutrition the Lady Shake had to offer and the low calories it included I decided to give it go.

So, rewind to the beginning of my Lady Shake journey I was sitting on 80kg! In the first week of starting, I noticed a massive difference in my energy levels. Now that I had more energy and dropped a few kgs, I was able to incorporate light exercise back into my life once a week. This just gradually got better and better. I can move more and have almost reached my pre-pregnancy weight at 61kgs!

My days have changed completely. I don’t put my slippers on anymore. Instead, I put my runners on and get my kids out of the house. I have so much more time for my kids. My 7-year-old is finding it hard to keep up with me! I love that I can give my kids more of me and better yet a healthier life for myself. I feel alive again and now I get to enjoy life.

My other mum friends have even jumped on board and are now taking The Lady Shake because they can see how much more energy I have and how fit I’m becoming. The Lady Shake has definitely been the game-changer in my weight loss journey. It has sped things up while still providing me with all the nutrients I need.

My favourite flavours hands down is the Vanilla but I also enjoy the caramel and chocolate. And I absolutely love the chocolate bars as well for a treat. I’d say to anyone that thinking about including the Lady Shake into their diet then stop thinking about it and definitely give it a go.

Ps. My 1 and a half year old loved dipping her fingers into my shake that much I discovered you have a Kids Shake. And now it’s something we all enjoy as a family!