I have just turned 40, I live at Woodcroft NSW, I have lost 26.5kg using the lady shake

I didn’t actually realise how unfit I was as I do have an active job as a hotel licensee where I move around lots of cases and kegs of alcohol, but once I lost about 15kg I then realised how much more energy I had

I went to Scotland with my mum in 2017, and while I will treasure those photos forever I was very upset at how I looked, the plane trip was terrible, I was 119.kg then, over the next few years I tried losing weight. I have tried weight watchers; rapid loss shakes but it didn’t work for me!
I was very determined to lose weight before my 40th and after watching my friend Matt kicking goals (losing 82kgs) on The Man Shake, I decided to start Feb 2020 (now April 2021).
My biggest roadblock was a lack of energy and motivation, Finding something that worked for me, and Lady shakes definitely works!!
My life has changed a lot since losing weight. The energy to do more is amazing, just starting hiking the other day, and I did an 8km hike in the Blue Mountains, it was amazing! Strawberry is my favourite but I love mixing the flavours up as well, choc banana and strawberry and banana, or caramel banana and choc super greens.

I have already got 2 people to start the shakes, I showed them the photos of Matt and how much weight he has lost and told them how easy the shakes are, I enjoy the shakes which makes it easier to follow through! My friends have already had amazing results –  Steve has lost about 9kg so far and Hayley has lost 11kg.

Thank you guys so much for changing my life for the better!