Let’s be honest for a second, life is busy enough for most people with work, kids and just getting home on time before having dinner and passing out only to do it again. 

When you start a weight loss journey food is always top of mind especially when it comes to dinner. While we have several simple and delicious recipes on here, we know lots of you don’t have the time to whip them up.

Not a day goes past that we don’t get asked by our community about what to eat for dinner that will help keep them on track when you don’t have time or could be bothered to cook.

When it comes to these kinds of meals you really need to pay attention to the nutritional. Focus on the below

You will see a trend through our picks as we focus on a higher amount of protein vs carbs and overall calories. If you focus on high protein and low carb then calories should take care of themselves. This way you are fuller for longer and not eating empty calories.

Our other big tip is to try to focus on meals that are chilled/fresh as opposed to frozen if you can.

Now obviously personal taste comes into play but there are lots of other options to suit you because at the end of the day that’s what you need to do.

So here are our top 10 packaged meals that are delicious and will keep you on track to your weight loss goals.

(This list is independent and not paid for with cash or product in any way by the brands we mention, we just like what they’re doing. Feel free to send us some food tho ;))

This one is a no-brainer, a balance of protein and carbs. If you haven’t jumped on the turkey bandwagon yet get on it.

  • Protein – 50g
  • Carbs – 13g
  • Fat – 10g
  • Calories – 350

Hola amigos! This spicy number is a win, with the higher protein, lower carb, and a kick of flavour to keep you coming back.

  • Protein – 45g
  • Carbs – 32.4g
  • Fat – 14.2g
  • Calories – 458

Not only is this a tasty dish, it’s loaded with protein and you can pick them up nationally at coles.

  • Protein – 40.8g
  • Carbs – 27g
  • Fat – 14.6g
  • Calories – 418

This one should be a go-to because it looks, feels, and tastes like comfort food. Pair that with a simple Salad kit from coles and you have a complete meal for around 550 calories (including salad)

  • Protein – 42g
  • Carbs – 24g
  • Fat – 19g
  • Calories – 447

In an Australian tradition of having Lamb, this hits the spot. Just like your mum Sunday Roast but it is a handy little packet.

  • Protein – 37g
  • Carbs – 29g
  • Fat – 12g
  • Calories – 385

A simple dish with everything you need as it’s PACKED with protein and a little kick to get the tastebuds going.

  • Protein – 50g
  • Carbs – 13g
  • Fat – 10g
  • Calories – 350

Now, this ain’t no KFC, however, it’s pretty good for what it is. The Fuel’d range is a bigger serving than the normal meals so keep an eye on the overall calories because they can creep up.

  • Protein – 38.9g
  • Carbs – 46g
  • Fat – 22.3g
  • Calories – 565

A classic dish that we all know and love. For a total of only 389 calories and over 40g of protein, it should be a go-to.

  • Protein – 42.8g
  • Carbs – 29.9g
  • Fat – 16.3g
  • Calories – 389

This is the definition of curry in a hurry! done in about 5 minutes this has almost 50g of protein!

  • Protein – 46.9g
  • Carbs – 28.7g
  • Fat – 21.7g
  • Calories – 500

Now you might not think of these but they are of amazing value starting at $6.50 per meal! A few of them are pretty good and easy to pick up on your next trip to coles.

  • Protein – 32.2g
  • Carbs – 21g
  • Fat – 20.3g
  • Calories – 404