I’m 40, I live in NSW Central Coast and I’ve lost 23kgs so far but still very much on my journey. I’ve been on my journey for almost 4 1/2 months.
I’ve been plus size for most of my life, sometimes bigger than others. I was a bored eater. And somewhat lazy.
I “dieted” so many times (mostly for other people) and fallen back into my unhealthy ways, I’ve tried boot camp because someone else thought it would be good for me. But this time I had no one else’s influences, I just woke up one day and purchased my first bag of The lady shake and that was it, I was doing it for myself!
My hubby had been on my shake long before I tried The Lady Shake. I purchased my first bag from a pharmacy just to make sure I’d like the flavour which of course I did, that’s when I made a larger purchase online. My two favourite flavours are Vanilla and Choc Mint, yum!
It was so easy to fit The Lady Shake into my everyday routine, I’m a nurse and a busy mum of two so I just take one with me everyday. It’s just so easy!
It’s going to sound silly but simple things like being able to paint my toenails while still being able to breath. Or not having to sit to put socks on. Playing with my active 4 year old son. Life is just easier and only going to improve.
I was my biggest roadblock, lazy and stubborn. But once I got out of my own head and focused on what I wanted to accomplish, it was actually quite easy.
If any ladies out there were thinking about trying the Lady Shake, I would absolutely tell them to give it a go. The taste is delish and the weight does drop off. I’ve already gotten 3 of my workmates onto The Lady Shake.