My name is Carol Ann and I’m 56 years old.  We are ”˜grey nomads’ and live most of our time on the road in our caravan.


I have always been a big girl – even as a kid.  I’ve tried almost every weightloss program known to mankind over the years – some successfully and some not.  Unfortunately I would gain back every kilo plus after I stopped the program.  Last year both my health and my husbands health deteriorated and that’s when we said ”˜that’s it!  This weight has to go’.  My husband had heard about The Man Shake program so at the beginning of Sep 2019 we started the journey together.  Since then I have lost almost 26 kilos on the Lady Shake program.

The biggest difference I have found since losing the weight is I no longer feel tired all the time and my breathing is so much better.  I couldn’t walk more than a kilometer before I would be gasping for air and get light headed.  Now I’m pounding out the kilometers!  My knees and hips don’t hurt as much either.

I have recommended The Lady Shakes to a lot of my friends because they are delicious and low in sugar.  They keep you full for a long time.  The best part of the program though is the healthy outlook on food.  This is where my biggest change has occurred.   Food is not ”˜good’ or ”˜bad’ but just taken as part of an overall healthy approach to eating.  We still eat everything we did before but just within moderation.  I quite often say ”˜if I can do it anyone can!’  I still have quite a bit of weight to lose but with the Lady Shakes as well as the Lady Shake support I know I can do it.