Hi, My Name is Caroline, I am 67 years young and from the Gold Coast. And that to the Lady Shake I have Lost 7.5 kilos!

I first heard about The Lady Shake from one of my Facebook friends who had seen one of the advertising posts. She thought it might work for me as I had a holiday planned at the end of May. I wanted to lose 6 Kilos before I left for Bali.
I had previously tried so many different ways to shed the kilo. I tried other shakes but most they were too liquidly and I felt like I was just having a milkshake and was still hungry afterward. The Lady Shakes are much thicker in consistency giving a fuller feel and satisfied my hunger.

I was very pleased to see the weight steadily start to come off without any real hardship. I also found it very cost-effective. In fact, I think I spent less substituting the two meals a day than I would have spent on my normal foods. I lost the weight I wanted and have now maintained it off for 3 months, weighing myself every Saturday and if I have gained a small amount the following week I go back on Lady Shakes for a day and this seems to balance things out.

Generally, when I’ve lost weight in the past before a holiday I’ve found within the next few months I’ve pretty much put it back on but not with Lady Shakes because it works to both lose the weight and maintain the weight-loss as well. And I ended up losing more than my goal – total of losing 7.5!

My favorites were Vanilla and Strawberry, I don’t like banana flavour in anything so I never ordered it, I did like the Chocolate but not as much as the Vanilla & Strawberry.

I had no trouble following my diet I mainly did my own thing in regards to a meal plan as it fitted my lifestyle best. So I had Lady Shakes for breakfast & lunch and fruit, low-fat yoghurt, boiled egg, or a small handful of almonds for snacks, and had a small serve of grilled meat, fish or chicken (no skin) plus lots of fresh vegetables or salad for dinner.

Feeling healthier and my endurance to exercise improved. I also enjoyed buying new more form-fitting clothes, and it improved my Bali holiday experience because I felt I was able to endure the heat & humidity better, and I was happy to show my new slimmer swimsuit figure around the pool.

I would recommend Lady Shakes particularly if they are a “sweet-tooth” like me because Lady Shakes satisfied my cravings … it’s my sweet cravings that normally ruin my dieting efforts so I had no trouble sticking to two shakes a day, and a healthy main meal in the evening. Thanks, Lady Shakes for great results.