I am 28 years old, from NSW and I have lost 50kg lost since the January 1st 2021 using The Lady Shake (now Jan 2022).
I have been a bigger girl my whole life and developed a lot of unhealthy habits over the years. I was severely bullied in my high school life and failed all my “diets” because I had such low self-confidence. I always had the mentality that someone like me just couldn’t do it. I decided to change my life for the better and it’s been the best thing I have ever done.
I saw a photo of myself during Christmas 2019 and was just disgusted how I got myself to that state. I looked huge and was so miserable. I said to myself no more and decided to take that first step.
I previously tried various other shakes, brands like Celebrity Slim etc. I also tried a lot of “detoxing” diets which never worked for me so I’d fall back into old habits and denial about my weight.
Being an NRL fan, I came across The Lady Shake a few times on ads while watching the footy. I also noticed the product at local shops and decided to order online directly as Afterpay was such a help to me.
My lifestyle changed a lot. I decided to calorie count on my journey even though you don’t need to with The Lady Shake plan. I found it easier for me as I am such a fussy eater and wanted to make sure what I was eating was actually good for me.  I was very surprised by the number of hidden sugars and calories in food that was packaged to be “healthy”. I was a huge takeaway eater and cutting that out of my lifestyle was something very positive. I never was a breakfast eater, the thought of food in the morning made me feel sick. But, since starting the shakes, I look forward to my morning shake. I will continue to use the shakes even when I hit my goal weight as they are so tasty, healthy and have everything I need when I am on the go.
I have so much more ENERGY! I am excited to do things and enjoy life. Old me wouldn’t have been bothered and would have felt so uncomfortable like I didn’t belong. I feel incredible, I have so much more confidence and it’s so exciting buying clothes and not having to look for the biggest size in a dress.
Mindset. Mindset was a huge thing for me. I think I failed so many times before because I wasn’t in the right mindset. When you tell yourself you can’t do something over and over again, chances are – you won’t achieve your goals. When I told myself I could, I did! And I honestly wish I had done it years ago.
If you are thinking about starting, start TODAY! I would recommend The Lady Shake to anyone. Not only are they the best tasting shakes on the market, but they also work! The Lady Shake support team are incredible and they’re always there to answer your questions.
Surround yourself with people who want to support you, not bring you down and be kind to yourself ALWAYS. Believe in yourself, you can do it. It won’t happen overnight, it’s not going to be easy but I promise it will be worth it xx