I’m Catherine Pace and I’m 50 years old from Southern Highlands NSW. My weight before I started the shakes was 69 kilos and this morning reached my goal – I am down to 55.0 kilos.

My weight began spiraling out of control once I reached menopause and I tried cutting out the junk food and eat better. However, I would never get near reaching my goal.  Failing dismally by the third week and start my bad eating habits again.

I heard of the great results people were achieving using the shakes. So I thought “what have I got to lose” and gave it a try.

Three months into the diet I am now just about back to my ideal weight for my size! I have so much more energy that I am now walking around 6 to 7 kilometers every day. Now I am averaging 15000 steps and around 100 minutes walking almost daily. I was barely achieving 5000 steps a day before the shakes.


I am having 2 shakes a day and one meal and so lucky that the shakes are so filling. Really I don’t need to snack between meals. This diet has taught me how to eat properly again! My body can no longer tolerate any oily foods which is fantastic. I’m happy to stay on the shakes indefinitely for convenience and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I know that if I do reduce my shakes to one meal a day I am able to control my calorie intake and keep it under 1200 calories a day and keep my weight off.

I highly recommend the lady shakes for anyone who needs to lose weight or just wants to feel better health wise as it really does give you results while teaching you better eating habits. Like I said “what have you got to lose” in my case 14 kilos in 3 months.