31 year old Chloe from the Gold Coast QLD lost 25kg with The Lady Shake.
I suffer from a binge eating disorder triggered by stress and/or anxiety and for many years, I refused to acknowledge this due to not being able to focus on myself. We lost our dad in 2012 to cancer and I felt I needed to pick up the pieces and ended up spreading myself too thin and not giving myself any of the attention I needed. My focus was making sure everyone else was ok. In 2019, my husband had a stroke. He is young, fit and healthy and to see him go through that, I couldn’t bare it. 
After my husband had the stroke, it gave me a big fright. We had been eating terribly and not prioritising ourselves. I made the decision to begin to put us first. I started preparing healthy meals and came across Lady Shakes online so decided to give them a go. The more weight I lost, the more motivated I became. I started to feel better, I got more energy and just began liking what I saw in the mirror again.
Prior to the Lady Shake, I had tried everything!! I worked out 6 days a week, tried every fad diet out there – it was brutal. Then I came across a Lady Shake advertisement and saw the results other women have had and thought I’d give it a shot!
The Lady Shake has been so easy for me, they actually make my day so much better. I have a shake for breakfast and lunch and a healthy dinner. I feel less bloated so I can work harder. My favourite flavour is Chocolate mixed with Banana for sure!

I found I was more confident and wanted to leave the house again, the black cloud was lifting. I also found a love for exercise which dramatically improved my mental health – win win. Now I run 2.5k everyday and feel unstoppable.

I feel powerful, I feel like I can achieve anything but most importantly – I don’t hate who I see anymore, physically or mentally. Everyone notices how different I am, oozing confidence and ready to take on anything physically and mentally.
My biggest roadbock was learning that my health, my life, is my priority. No one else is going to put it first. I definitely overcame it, I am in control.
To all the ladies thinking about starting the lady shake – Just do it, don’t wait! Life is out there and you have nothing to lose by just giving it a try – you have everything to gain!