37-year-old Christine from Sydney has transformed her life with The Lady Shake!

Food has always been a weakness/passion/hobby. I love to cook and enjoy great food. Perhaps a little too much.
We had booked a QLD holiday with my parents, my sister and her family and I couldn’t bear the thought of how I would look in photos or not be able to go on rides with my nieces and nephew at the theme parks.

I have always tried to be active, but ignorantly thought I could still eat whatever I wanted.

Since starting the Lady Shake I am more aware of what I eat when eating out, I’m not afraid to ask if I can modify meals to suit my needs.  I am waaaay more active and have lots of energy and also enjoy clothes shopping for a change.
I feel like I’ve shed 10 years off my age, I look at food as fuel and not an indulgence, while still enjoying all the things I used to eat, but of course in moderation and as a treat.
The Lady Shake has made mornings a breeze because I’m not rushing to have breakfast before I leave or packing my lunch, I grab my shakes and I’m out the door! My favourite flavour is Chocolate for sure.
I believe your mental health has a massive impact on your motivation levels, I had to believe I was worthy enough to change my life for the better.  I am very lucky to have an amazingly supportive husband and family who are super proud of me.

If I can do it, you can do it!  Also just start, don’t wait until Monday, don’t eat all the snacks to get rid of them, JUST START, you’ll wish you started earlier.  Also, this is derived from one of my favourite quotes: Being big is hard, diet and exercise are hard, choose your hard.


Christine has maintained her weight loss losing a total of 27kg!