I am 50yrs old & I live in Strathmerton Victoria.

I have lost a whopping 25kg from size 18 down to size 10 in 7 months using the Lady Shakes & protein bars.

I was overweight & not happy with my body My legs would rub together & didn’t like the way I looked, I felt uncomfortable.

One of the biggest struggles was finding nice clothes.

A friend was taking the Man Shake so I looked up Lady shake looked on their website & decided to give it ago. And was so glad I did. 

I tried other shakes but they never worked and I found out they were full of sugar. I started out with 2 Lady Shakes a day replacing 2 meals & having 1 healthy main meal a day of meat or fish with fresh veggies or salad.

I decided to cut out all junk food & soft drinks and started to drink lots of water. During the day I snacked on fruit, nuts & lady bars. I also knew it was important that 1 day a week I had treat day so we would dine out at the pub or have takeaway but eating smaller size meals.

Once I started the program I started to walk/ jog 4 laps around the local footy ground daily & joined the local 5km park run.

The Lady shake was so easy and I loved the choc mint, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry flavours.

I would totally recommend anyone to give the Lady shake a go, It’s easy to pack a shake for work or at home for a busy lifestyle. The snack bars are convenient to throw in your handbag to eat on the run while your out & about.

They taste nice but also make you feel full. I urge anyone to give it a go it will change your lifestyle & the way you eat. I now have the energy to play with my grandkids & enjoy the great outdoors thanks to the Lady Shake.