Courtney, 31 years old, currently have lost 8.5kg over 4 months of using the lady shake.

I have struggled with yoyo’ing on and off basically my whole adult life. But what brought me to my heaviest by far was my pregnancy with my daughter who is now two. It was a very complicated scary pregnancy, where I was on bed rest for a lot of it which led to lots of pregnancy binge eating but very little exercise or movement at all. I’m not exactly sure what my weight got to as once it was into the 90’s I stopped jumping on the scales.

Once my daughter was born I naturally lost a lot of weight/fluid, but struggled to shed the last 10-15kg. My yoyo’ing habits had resurfaced. I tried so many different diets since she was born but I constantly struggled to stick to them or even find the motivation, I guess I just didn’t have the right mindset.

My lowest point was in February of this year I found myself short of breath over just walking up the stairs at home. And I cringed every time I saw a photo of myself that someone had taken.

It’s important to me to be healthy and lose weight for not only myself and the happiness I feel but also for my daughter who is an extremely on the go, active toddler. I want to be able to do all the fun active family things and in order to do that I need to be the best and healthiest version of myself.

I had tried just about everything from calorie counting, keto, weight watchers, etc. not that they don’t work, I just find the lady shake is the most convenient for my lifestyle.

I started The Lady Shake but i was on and off for the past year and a half but I’ve never committed to it as much as I have in the last 4 months and hence why I’m now seeing the best results.

The biggest difference is my energy levels and when pre pregnancy clothes start to easily fit again it’s definitely a great feeling!

Now that i’m adjusting to motherhood I am always putting my little girls needs before my own has definitely caused a few setbacks. I still continue to do that but that’s why The Lady Shake works for me, I don’t have to think too much about breakfast and lunch and I’m no longer eating on the go. Eating on the go was definitely holding me back from reaching my weight loss goals.

The best part is if I have an appointment or am ever running late to get somewhere and had to just get out the door, I just make my shake and take it with me, I haven’t driven through a fast food drive thru in a long time now!

It’s definitely not like other shake diets (which I have tried a lot of them). It suits all different lifestyles and i find it keeps me full for a long time. I definitely don’t constantly feel hungry like I did on other shake diets.

I’m still on my journey and would like to lose more weight, and once I reach my goal I will continue to have my lady shake every day to maintain my weight.

If anyone is just starting i would set small goals, even if it’s just to lose 2-3kg, and then set a new goal once you’ve reached the one before. Setting a lot of small, realistic and easily achievable goals definitely has helped me.