Daily Protein Calculator

There is a common misconception among some women that having protein shakes or having too much protein in general will make you grow big muscles, however muscle gain is formed from the type of exercise you do and the frequency in which you do it. Instead protein is so important to encourage fat loss, not just weight loss which is ultimately what we are aiming for! Protein is essential to losing fat kilos without losing muscle definition and is key to keeping you full and satisfied after eating.


For most of us, knowing just how much protein to include in our diet can be confusing. It’s best to spread your protein intake out evenly throughout the day and ensure you are squeezing protein into all meals. This easy formula can help you work out how much protein you need each day:

0.80 x Your weight in Kilos = Daily Protein Intake

This is a recommend daily protein however according to the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics if you are looking for fat loss or if you strenuously exercise on a regular basis there is no harm in upping your protein to 1.4 x your weight in kilos = daily protein intake.


How much protein is in a serve of …

  • 2 large eggs = 11g
  • 100g tofu- 12g
  • 100g salmon= 20g
  • 100g ground beef= 26g
  • Greek yoghurt= 10g
  • The Lady Shake = 28g



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