Winners of My Kitchen Rules in 2013, Dan & Steph Mulheron are making headlines after their combined weightloss of over 110kg.

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“I love The Lady Shake because, as a busy mum and business owner, it helps me ensure that I eat healthy even with everything going on”, said Steph who has lost over 20kg with the Lady Shake.

“The Kid’s Breakfast Shake has also been amazing for us. As we all know some mornings can be a challenge trying to get the kiddies ready and find time to have a nutritious breakfast. It’s a busy time in our household and many others, so The Kids Breakfast Shake has become a game changer for us. Emmy loves the flavours, we make a smoothie with some banana & some hidden spinach in there and it’s good to know we can give her something healthy for brekkie to start her day that she’ll actually enjoy, and it will give her the energy she needs for her busy active day.”

With their prize money from the 2013 season, Dan & Steph were able to open a restaurant in Hervey Bay called ”˜Eat at Dan & Steph’s’, a challenge itself when you’re working on losing weight.

“As a restaurant owner, there’s always temptation to pick at food during the day, but I’ve found The Man Shakes to really help keep this temptation and hunger at bay”, said Dan.

When asked about his incredible journey since winning MKR back in 2013, Dan credits his initial weight loss surgery and his continued use of The Man Shake for maintaining a healthy weight, as well as welcoming his daughter, Emmy, into the world.

It’s clear the Mulheron family absolutely love all the products and including them as part of their healthy lifestyle and we couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome Dan & Steph to our shake family! So keep an eye out for them on MKR and help cheer on our favourite team!

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