Deb Rae Lake Macquarie, New South Wales

For a long time i never had an issue with food or my weight, i was happy healthy young woman.

My fulltime gig was a hairdresser where i spent a better part of a decade in a salon. Being a busy hairdresser I could never find time to take a full lunch break between clients so i would just hit the local takeaway and grab what i could most of them being unhealthy options. My biggest weakness was coca cola and i was having an average of 3 cans a day.

I then had back surgery on a bulged disc removal which placed me in over 12 months of pain, emotional eating and no very limited exercise.

I managed to lose a couple of kilo’s after the surgery. Met my future husband we had 2 children together. I wasn’t feeling so great about myself postpartum. So I decided to take the first step towards being happier and healthier.

I had tried other weight loss programs over the years and did lose a few kilos but wasn’t able to maintain it very long. Being a busy mum i never had time to go to the gym and wasn’t sure what else to do. A friend of mine was on The Lady Shake and told me i should give it a go and at that point I was up for anything.

I started having The Lady Shake for breakfast and lunch, my favourite flavour is chocolate and coffee. I noticed straight away my energy levels had increased and i had lost bloated feeling. I started watching and thinking about what i was actually eating and increased my water intake.

I noticed my clothes began to feel more comfortable and i was getting comments from friends and family that helped me stay motivated.

My biggest roadblock was my sugar intake up until starting The Lady Shake, I never realised how much i was consuming on a daily basis. The Lady Shake has been so helpful for me to lose the weight and keep it off.

It’s so easy to follow and fits into my life without missing a beat and i’m happier and healthier than ever. I’m definately a better woman for it!