My name is Donna, I’m 44 and live in Mildura Vic.

I’ve lost 18kg in 12 months and kept it off.

I saw a friend’s photos of how she had lost weight, so I messaged her to ask how she did it. She had been using Lady Shake. We had a cruise coming up in 3 weeks, I told her I’d wait until we go back to start, she said No start now, you could lose a couple of kilos before you go. So I did!

I basically wanted something that would work without exercise, as I’m not a fitness fan.

After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and gaining weight, having a lack of energy, aches, and pains, I needed to do something as the dress sizes were getting bigger and bigger.

I tried other supermarket shakes, not realizing the sugar content, I wasn’t fond of the taste and tried meal portion control only to be left still hungry, therefore snacking on the wrong things.

Using the Lady Shake I feel fuller, now have clearer skin, and have the motivation to do more.


My favourites are strawberry, caramel & banana. But everyone has different tastes.

The Lady Shake is so easy to use. I love getting up to a shake for breakfast, having one for lunch and then just a normal healthy meal dished up for dinner. If feeling the need to pick, I will just snack on some nuts. The bonus is saving time & money!

My biggest difference now in my life is having dropped 2 dress sizes, I feel so much happier in myself and overall feel so much healthier knowing I’m getting all the protein, fibre, vitamins & minerals I was not getting before.

I would 100% recommend the Lady Shake to anyone who wants to lose a few kilos or just wants to feel good. You’ll notice a difference pretty well straight away with how you feel.

My hubby also starting using the Man Shakes after seeing my results.


Just dropping in 12 months on with Lady Shake and I feel fantastic. With a few vacation cruises, holidays, birthdays, get-togethers I’ve still managed to keep it off.

A huge 18kg lost. I feel awesome.

Health is terrific, now with very little aches and pains. I will continue Lady shakes, even if no weight loss, bit just for health. Just love my shakes!