Meet Donna Russell, from Gorokan NSW.

She is 56 years young. Donna’s weight loss to date has been an impressive 27.5kg in approx.

Donna decided to start using The Lady Shakes as she had seen her son and daughter-in-law have great success with them. And after an add popped up on Facebook Donna made the decision to order some for her husband and herself.

Let Donna’s inspire you to lose weight and get healthy with The Lady Shake too!

“ I have been a dieter all my life, trying various tablets, weight loss programs, e.g. weight watchers etc. over the years. Always lapsing back into old habits once weight goal achieved. This is my first time using a shake, and I found it the easiest way I have lost weight so far. I have never felt absolutely deprived or ravenously hungry while using them.

I will admit, at first it was a challenge to substitute actual food for a liquid, but after my first weekly weigh in I was motivated to keep going, and haven’t looked back. I am only 2 kilos off my goal weight but plan to keep using the shakes to help me maintain my weight loss. Additionally, my husband has also lost 14 kilos as well.

The difference in our lifestyle is wonderful. Our health has improved dramatically. I am no longer on blood pressure and cholesterol medication. My husband’s diabetic medication has been reduced. That has been the biggest plus for me. “

I would, and have, recommended the Lady Shake! I feel you have a great product, it’s easy to drink, the price point is great! It’s easy to purchase via the internet and many people are seeing results and asking how I achieved this.”



Donna IS NOW 32kgs Down!

“I am happy to say I have been stable at that weight for months.

I use my shakes and bars with a piece of fruit, and I replace one meal a day as I find it convenient to take to work and I genuinely like the taste.

I am most proud of the fact That I haven’t rebounded weight wise as I have done in the past. I think that by still using the shakes it has taught me how to keep good control over my eating habits.

I would say to any women looking to try the lady shake it is as simple as giving it a go!

If you are committed to changing your lifestyle for the better, whether it be for health, fitness or just to Look and feel better about yourself, you can certainly achieve this by using The lady Shake!”